Friday, June 27, 2008

Sonia Rosa

At 18, Sonia came out with her first record A Bossa Rosa de Sonia. In it she wrote six of the songs which was quite remarkable for her age. Her sweet distinctive whispery voice was already present.
When Brazil wasn't showing any promises, Sonia moved to Japan where I think she did her greatest record Spiced with Brazil. It's a blast. It appears that she just had fun with the album and it includes scatty versions of The Girl from Ipanema and Secret Love. In The Sensitive Sound of Sonia Rosa (available through dustygroove) she redid these songs and some others on a serious level with another composer. So that's worth picking up too.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Joey Heatherton

I put up the image of the 1972 album instead of the nude Hip-o-Select edition although I recommend the later. Joey had a nice brassy voice. The cd starts out with the album. Joey goes through good renditions of songs at the time like God only Knows and classics like Crazy. My favorite part of the cd though are of her 60's singles like When you call me Baby and Live and Learn, fun catchy stuff. Movie wise I don't think Joey Heatherton really reached her potential. I mean one of the main highlights of that career was The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington, which by the way was a piece of crap.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Very Thought of You Jeri Southern

Jeri Southern was one of the few singers that my mother and I both loved. Usually my mom was indifferent to my music collection but Jeri was different. Since my mom's passing Jeri's music has become even more special.
Jeri Southern was one of the many jazz vocalists in the 50's. But she had her own distinctive touch. Jeri not only had a deep smoky voice, she also was an accomplished pianist. She tried to add both to her music. Her version of "When I fall in love" is the ultimate version, vulnerable and romantic. She also tried with songwriting. "I don't know where to turn" sounds like it could have been written by a professional. This is an excellent collection of her music.
I discovered Jeri at 18 and she's still one of my favorite singers.