Monday, January 31, 2011

Mary Hopkin's Postcard

I love Mary Hopkin's first record produced by Paul McCartney. My favorite song would have to be Lord of the Reedy River, a mysterious Donovan song. The most famous song here though is Those were the days, which is a magnificent song. The Puppy Song is also cute. The only song that doesn't quite work here is There's no business like show business, throwing a show tune in what is a lovely folk album. I also recommend her second album Earth Song Ocean Song, which was her favorite. She had a lovely voice.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Please Don't Hurt Me Norma Jean

This is one of my favorite Norma Jean albums. She was the girl singer on The Porter Wagoner Show before Dolly Parton. I like them both. But Norma Jean is my favorite since she's the underdog. She's the most laid back country singer I've ever heard. She sings very simply. She's one of my favorite country artists.
There are a number of upbeat songs here, "You're Driving me out of my mind" and "A woman's gotta make a stand". The song that stands out the most is "The Shirt", a silly melodramatic song about a breakup and her ex's shirt.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kay Adams Alcohol and Tears

I chose her album Wheels and Tears for an earlier post. That was a fun album about truck driving. Now I choose her alcohol themed album. There are a number of upbeat songs here like Bottle Baby and Husband Stealer. But the best numbers are I let a stranger buy the wine and Til' Temptation Gets the Better of Me. Overall this is a melancholy country album sung beautifully by Kay Adams. Kay is a forgotten country singer of the 60's like Melba. Both deserved another look.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

George Jones and Melba Montgomery

I love George Jones and Melba Montgomery records. They had similar voices that worked well with each other. (Melba does sound like a female George Jones with her deep voice.) I actually prefer them to Tammy and George. Melba and George records were more upbeat.
There's the classic We must have been out of our minds here. I also liked their version of the Louvin Brothers' song She's my Mother. I feel that Melba Montgomery is a sadly overlooked country artist. There should be releases of more George/Melba albums, also a Melba collection on her own. She was one of the best female country singers of the 60's.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Carol Lawrence Tonight at 8:30

This is a good album of broadway standards done by the original Maria of West Side Story. Indeed she covers Tonight and Something's Coming here. But the best part of this album are her versions of Do it again and especially her take of It's good to be alive. She had a lovely voice. Her other album This Heart of Mine is on my wish list.

Connie Stevens Hank Williams Song Book

I haven't been on this blog for a year and a half. Due to the fact that I just got a scanner again I decided to give it another try.
Connie Stevens is one of the few people like Ann-Margret and Annette Funicello who I can say can sing and act. She was great in The Grissom Gang.
This album of hers is my favorite. Usually country standard albums don't work because the person adds a bad exaggerated twang. Connie doesn't do this. She has fun with Honky Tonkin' and Settin' the Woods on Fire. I also like You Win Again.