Thursday, May 26, 2011

Billie Jo Spears

From my Amazon review

Before Billie Jo Spears became a countrypolitan singer in the 70's, she was a traditional country singer. Her Capitol material was similar to Jeannie C. Riley's Plantation work. This starts off with her great sexual harrassment hit Mr. Walker it's all Over. Three of the songs on the "Mr. Walker's it's all Over" album were written by Jack Rhodes, who wrote Too Old for Toys, Too Young for Boys, her first song at 13. Musically speaking it would have made more sense to combine her debut "The Voice of Billie Jo Spears", which I also recommend, since they're more similar in tone. But "Just Singin'" is more rare to find. There are covers on both of these, though "Just Singin" is devoted to them completely. But that's okay since I like covers. Besides her versions of Goin' Steady (Faron Young) and The Price I Pay to Stay (Jeannie C. Riley) are fantastic. Billie Jo Spears is more popular in the UK so it's not surprising that a British label Hux released this. I hope they release more of her early material. 3.5 rounded to 4.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dinah Shore War Years

From my Amazon review. This cd doesn't contain Dinah Shore's famous hits. It doesn't have Buttons and Bows and Blues in the Night. But it's still an interesting collection, some recordings are from her radio show and others are from V discs. The majority of the songs on this cd are sentimental ballads. The two standouts are her takes on Coax me a Little Bit and Along the Navajo Trail, tunes that are good enough to get in your mind. My only real complaint is the linear notes are only two pages. I would have liked a few more pictures.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Claudine Longet Look of Love

The first time I heard Claudine I thought that she couldn't sing. Then one night a year later when I couldn't get to sleep I pulled out an album of her and that breathy voice got to me. Since then I've got all her albums including Sugar Me. This is of her best albums. I love her cover of Margo Guryan's Think of Rain. I also like the mysterious Man in a Raincoat. I recommend her A & M work before looking into her other work. The A & M records work better with her voice. You should also watch The Party with Peter Sellers as she is one of the main actors. She is charming there.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kitty Wells Dust on the Bible

I'm not really into gospel music but this was an exception. It's a solid country gospel album. This is one of Kitty's best. Along with a best of my collection is complete. Kitty is sincere here. I dreamed I searched heaven for you, Dust on the Bible, and I've got my one-way ticket to the sky are great. If you're into this I also recommend Fern Jones, another gospel singer with a superb album.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mimi Farina Solo

From my Amazon review

In 1985 Mimi Farina made the Solo album. It was quite a gap between her excellent duo work with Richard Farina. She had been offered to do an album during this time but didn't like the financial principles of the music business. This led to her creation of the Bread and Roses organization which brought music shows to prisons and such.
It's a good folk album but also suffers from being a product of its time. The synthesizer in the background makes it sound dated. Mimi wrote most of the songs in this album and proves to be a talented songwriter. Her sister Joan Baez even covered two of the songs Mary Call and Best of Friends on her Where are you now my Son album. But Mimi does them much better here. She has more enthusiasm. Mary Call was written for the movie "Where the Lillies Bloom" and was rejected. It's a shame for it's a very lovely song, worth buying this album alone for.
Now if only Mimi Farina's Take Heart album with Tom Jans can get on cd. It was the album she was supposed to be most proud of.