Monday, March 16, 2015

Orietta Berti

Orietta Berti - Gli Anni Della Polydor 1963-1978 My email buddy calls her the Italian Skeeter Davis. They both had good voices and shared pop tastes although Skeeter is country music. I really liked the first disc of this box set. It's Orietta covering the likes of Lesley Gore and Dusty Springfield. It's enjoyable fluff. The other cds contain more original material and it ends in a folk album called Zingari. Orietta is rarely talked about when it comes to Italian divas. She's overlooked.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Marta Kubisova

Marta Kubišová - Ne! The Soul of Marta Kubišová This is a collection of songs from Czech singer Marta Kubisova. She was banned to sing by a communist regime until 1989. It's pretty good. She has a nice rock voice and it fits well with the bands she performs with. I like Tak dej se k nam a prodjam svec, Ja tu s tvari nemennou, and Ne the most.