Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jaye P. Morgan That Country Sound

Jaye P. Morgan - That Country Sound Jaye P. Morgan is one of my favorite vocalists. For some reason this album hasn't been released on cd. I don't know why for it's pretty good. The problem with vocalists doing country standard albums is that too often they fake a twang. Jaye only does that on one song here. Otherwise it's a genuine attempt at singing country standards at the time. You can tell she understands the words. She does Cold, Cold Heart pretty good and That's what it's like to be Lonesome well.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Sylvia - Anthology I heard people on the internet dismiss her as a pop singer so I avoided Sylvia. However I watched some Youtube videos of her recently. The Matador was really fun. She is more pop than country but then so was Crystal Gayle. I enjoyed this cd. I don't really like country music from the 80's so this is one of the exceptions. It makes me wish I had picked up her albums all the years I went thrift store shopping. Best songs: Nobody, her biggest hit, Matador, and Drifter.