Saturday, December 17, 2016

Margie Rayburn Margie

Margie Rayburn - Margie In the 50's there were many jazz vocal albums. There were several artists who just did one album. This is a good one. Although Margie continued doing singles this is her only album. She had a perky voice that works especially good on numbers such as "This Could be the start of something" and "Almost like Being in Love." She has a quiver in her voice that's interesting. It's worth checking out.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dana Gillespie Weren't Born a Man

Dana Gillespie - Weren't Born a Man When I first saw this record in a thrift store I didn't know who Dana was but the cover didn't interest me. After listening to Dana's first and second folky pop albums Box of Surprises and Foolish Seasons, I knew I had to listen to her 70's stuff. This is a great bluesy rock album. It starts off with Stardom Road and What memories we make which kind of remind me of her beginning efforts. However the rest is rock. She wrote most of the stuff for this album. Her cover of her friend David Bowie's Andy Warhol is pretty cool.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Julie Grant

Julie Grant - Count on Me This is another overlooked British girl singer of the 60's. Julie Grant's success was short lived but she made some great music. Vocally she sounds a bit like Helen Shapiro. She turned down the song "Downtown" and that was a bad move on her part. There are many great moments on this cd like the peppy Count on Me. Come to Me sounds like a Marianne Faithfull song. Giving Up is also awesome. The newest release Come to Me is available on mp3 on Amazon. Julie Grant was just as good as the other singers of the day like Lulu. She's worth investigating.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Angie Angela Bofill

Angela Bofill - Angie Angela Bofill started out with this jazzy pop album. My sister bought the single "Share your Love" and that's the best song here. I had to get more. She scats sometimes in the album. It's interesting. My sister said her pop period later isn't as good but I'll have to check it out. Angela has a great voice, a lot of talent.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Betty Johnson

Betty Johnson started out singing with her family in the Johnson Family Singers. Then she went solo in the 50's. I wrote Jasmine Records a couple of years ago about putting a collection together of her. I'm glad they listened later. I discovered her when I found The Touch album in a thrift store. It didn't have her picture on the front but I decided to take a risk. She has a pretty voice. She mostly did novelties. However she did one album The Song you heard when you fell in love that's standards. It's on this collection as well. There were too many vocalists in the 50's. That's why Betty is not really heard of. But she knew how to sing.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bistro Ballads

Audrey Morris - Bistro Ballads I reviewed The Voice of Audrey Morris four years ago. At the time I complained about her album Bistro Ballads not being found at a reasonable price. Now both albums have been combined in a release from Fresh Sound Records. Bistro Ballads is great album of standards. Audrey Morris was a pianist who sounded a bit like Jeri Southern. Her version of Come in Out of the Rain is haunting. When I heard it on youtube before I bought this I was astounded. My favorite version of Guess who I saw today is done by Eydie Gorme but Audrey comes in a close second. This only has piano, bass, and cymbals. It feels like you are in a restaurant.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Elkie Brooks The Early Years

Elkie Brooks - The Early Years 1964-66 This covers Elkie Brooks' teenage years. There's three covers here. However most of the material here is bluesy. My two favorite tracks are Strange Tho' it seems and Blue Tonight. It's interesting to hear Elkie so early in her career. It kind of reminds of Kiki Dee's Fontana Years. They both got better material later and became more distinctive. I hope this gets on cd some time since my record has skips on Hello Stranger and Something's got a hold on me.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Joan Regan

Joan Regan - Just Joan/The Girl Next Door This Vocalion release collects two of Joan Regan's albums The Girl Next Door and Just Joan. It's dreamy music covering standards. I recommended her best of some time ago which had some novelty material. I like this cd more. Joan was a British vocalist of the 50's. In this in some numbers she sounds like Doris Day. The arrangements kind of reminded me of Joni James' albums.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Carol Stromme

Carol Stromme - The Soft Sound of This obscure 1970's album has a nice 60's vibe about it. It has a gentle sound to it. The best track Inside Out is on youtube. Unfortunately my copy has a skip on that track even though I still listen to it. The girl has a nice voice. She wrote two of the songs here. There are two covers In my Life and Until it's time for you to go. They're ok. I bought mine for around $30 on Ebay. I saw it on my large rateyourmusic wish list which is strictly for vinyl. I don't remember adding it. I was intrigued by the cover. I'm surprised this hasn't been on cd as it is a nice 60's mood piece.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Montage - Montage This cd has had bad luck in my car. My sister has stepped on it three times. We've both agreed that we can only use a copy now since it's out of print. Michael Brown helped make this album. He made The Left Banke's first album and that is one I dearly love. Montage opens with a winner I shall call her Mary which was apparently about the lead singer of The Shangri-Las. The number that really steals the show is The Song is Love. It's incredibly catchy. Tinsel and Ivy and Grand Pianist are good too. This is an all male band which is something different in my musical collection but it's a goodie.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Four Jacks and a Jill

Four Jacks and a Jill - Master Jack My sister Shelley went to ASU and it turned out they had a record collection. She would ask for them to fish out these old records. It was how I found out about singers like Chris Connor. The librarians were surprised that someone still wanted to listen to them. Anyway my sister and I had fun with the records. Four Jacks and a Jill were one of the records. It's a South African folk group from the 60's. Their song Master Jack was an American hit. The girl has an interesting optimistic pleasant voice. It kind of reminds me of The Seekers.

Monday, July 25, 2016

France Gall

France Gall - France Gall When I was 19 and out of high school I listened to France Gall's Baby Pop and 1968 in the car regularly. Over the years I have looked into the work she did with her husband Michel Berger. I found Tout pour la musique at a thrift store and loved it. This album is one of her earliest ones. It's pop but it has a jazzy sound to it. Jazz a Go go is pretty darn catchy. France Gall was easily one of the best ye ye singers. All of her work is worth looking into.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Lesley Gore It's my Party The Mercury Anthology

Lesley Gore - It's My Party: The Mercury Anthology The oldies station I live in played It's my Party way too much. I got sick of it as a kid and wrote off Lesley Gore. However I began to get into the girl group sound so I bought her not expecting much. I was definitely wrong. Lesley Gore has a ton of good songs. She is an excellent example of the girl group sound. One of my favorites is Wonder Boy. Maybe he's just not that into you. It's a funny song and catchy too. There's My Town, My guy and me which I can see Petula Clark covering. I don't want to be a loser, Just let me cry, Hello Young Lover, and Brink of Disaster are good as well. I always did like You Don't Own Me though so maybe I was kind of a fan from the get go. That's a neat feminist song. California Nights is probably the best song of the late 60's represented here. It surprised me. It has a different sound than her other recordings. I've owned this collection for ten years now and I treasure it.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Jackie and Roy

Jackie and Roy - Bits and Pieces I am recommending Fresh Sound Records release of Jackie and Roy's Bits and Pieces and Free and Easy. Jackie and Roy were a jazz duo who were really square. That's part of the fun of their music. They're really charming. Say Cheese is really cute. So's it Spring and Who Wants to fall in love are too. I really need to look into their other albums. I own Lovesick where they got a bit into bossa nova. I'm impressed with all the music that Fresh Sound Records have released throughout the years. They pick out some really obscure gems.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sandie Shaw Reviewing the Situation

Sandie Shaw - Reviewing the Situation I was just talking to my friend Lindsey about Sandie Shaw. Sandie didn't have the best voice of the British girls of the 60's but she gave it her all. This is most displayed on her rock album "Reviewing the Situation." Reviewing the Situation from Oliver becomes a rock song through Sandie. I love Dr. John's Mama Roux. It took me a while to get used to Sandie's version but it's clear she's having a lot of fun with it. She also has a good time with Walking the Dog. Sandie would disappear from the music scene for more than ten years after this album. She would cover Morrissey songs in her 80's album which I'm really looking forward to listening to.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

La Leyenda Sarita Montiel

I discovered Sarita (aka Sara) Montiel through the movie Bad Education. They played the song Quizas, Quizas, Quizas, which I think is one of her best. It's featured here. She's one of the most popular Spanish singers of all time. She definitely has a way with a ballad. I'm so happy that her movie La violetera is subtitled. Most of the time people don't bother with subtitling old Spanish movies for some reason. So I can't watch old Marisol and Rocio Durcal movies. It's sad.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chicas volume 2

Various Artists - ¡Chicas! Spanish Female Singers Volume 2. 1963-1978 This is a good collection of Spanish girl singers from the 60's through 70's. It's from Vampisoul a company I've already bought from. I feel that the whole genre of Spanish girl pop from this period is neglected. I didn't hear about Karina or Marisol until I was in my twenties. They are not as discussed as the ye ye genre from France and they should be. I liked Un Millon de Lagrimas which is a cool cover of I'd wait a million years. I also enjoyed Dubeque Dublin by Elsa Baeza. Ramalama music has a cd of her. I'll purchase that some time. Also Pochoclo was cute.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sergio Mendes Presents Lobo

Edu Lobo - Sergio Mendes Presents Lobo I have a preference for the female voice. When my sister bought this I was kind of confused. We don't have much male singers in our collection. However she played this in the car and I just love this album. Edu Lobo has a gentle voice that gets your attention immediately. This is smooth easy listening. I love Sergio Mendes and he was involved with this album. Even Now is my favorite. Crystal Illusions is nice. Sergio would cover that with his group Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66. (I owned many of their albums once. I lost them in the move.) Edu Lobo was married to one of my favorite bossa nova singers Wanda Sa for years. I now own three of Edu's albums. He's amazing.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Kiki Dee

Kiki Dee - Love Makes the World Go Round: The Motown Years Kiki Dee is most known as the duet partner for "Don't go Breaking my Heart" with Elton John. However she had a long distinguished career. She began recording in the 60's. This cd shows her Motown years. Unfortunately she sings a number of Motown numbers here. They're all right but won't make you forget the originals. The songs "Love is a warm kind of sorrow" and "Love makes the world go round" and "The Day Will Come Between Sunday & Monday" show what promise she had. They are wonderful songs, beautifully sung. Like Billie Davis who I recently reviewed she was one of many talented British girl singers in the 60's. The problem is that there were so many but it's fun to discover them all. I know need to look into her 70's period.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Billie Davis

Billie Davis - Tell Him: The Decca Years Wonderful blue eyed soul. Billie Davis is definitely one of the underrated British singers of the 60's. Most people just think of Dusty or Lulu but there were many fabulous female singers in that era. There must be a reason, Billy Sunshine, and Wasn't it You are some of the best numbers on this disc. Nobody's home to come to is amazing. You can tell she is singing from the heart. I treat my cds badly. I've bought this three times. I must have it in my car to listen to. This doesn't include her version of Nights in White Satin though. I hope someone one day puts her 70's work on cd.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

North Country Maid/Loveinamist

Marianne Faithfull - North Country Maid The Beat goes on put these two albums together on cd. I've been wanting to get North Country Maid for years but its price goes up and down. It's finally affordable plus it threw in another album of hers. Marianne Faithfull's voice here is pleasant and she sings folk songs here. Sally Free and Easy, North Country Maid, and This Little Bird are all really good songs. The later was written by John D. Loudermilk, a musician I've been curious about for a while. Marianne Faithfull's voice would change and so would her image. I think that even in her 60's days that she was a bit gothic. I can't decide who I like more the British songbird of the 60's or the tortured soul on Broken English. Either way it's good music.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Undisputed Truth

The Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces: The Best of Undisputed Truth This collection of the Motown group from the 70's is cheap on Amazon. It's only $5 and it's completely worth it. The Temptations did a cover of Papa was a Rolling Stone and their version is more famous but I like The Undisputed Truth's version more because it is cheesier. Smiling Faces is another song like Backstabbers about the mean side of human nature. It's a great song. UFOs is fun. They left Motown and followed with their producer Norman Whitfield to his new label. Some of their albums are starting to get on cd. I will have to buy their records that aren't though. The Undisputed Truth proves there's a reason why I still need a turntable. '

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tops with me/Helen Hits Out

Helen Shapiro - Tops With Me / Helen Hits Out! I own Not Responsible: The Very Best of and it's all right. However this out of print cd, which covers two of her albums, is just as good if not better. The background singers are better for example. This is Helen Shapiro doing covers like Walk on By, Lipstick on your collar, and It might as well rain until September. There's a more sophisticated sound. Helen Shapiro sings with her rich alto on these songs and understands the material. It's a good cd.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers - The Essential Isley Brothers I found out about The Isley Brothers through a negative review of Seals and Crofts. The person said the only good thing they did was Summer Breeze because The Isley Brothers got to do it. I listened to it on youtube, an African American funky version of Summer Breeze. It was good, definitely different from the original. It sounded like two different songs. Then I learned the group also did Shout and Twist and Shout. With Twist and Shout I can't make up my mind who did it better, the Isley Brothers or The Beatles. There's also Fight the Power which is fun. I had a good time with this collection.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Dock Boggs

Dock Boggs - Country Blues My twin sister used to play a lot of blues in high school. Life got better once she left. The music has been lying on the shelf since then. I remember some of the artists she played. It was music in the background of the house. One of the best of these artists was Dock Boggs. He was a spooky country blues singer with a rural voice. The first few songs on this cd are the best like Sugar Baby and Down Home Blues. I separated our music this week into two parts, cds I already am familiar with and a pile of cds that I need to become acquainted with. That pile has a lot of her blues music.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Chris Clark

Chris Clark - The Motown Collection One of the few white artists signed to Motown Chris Clark was a great singer. The best part of this two part cd is her Soul Sounds album. There's Love Gone Bad which is really a gem and I want to go back there again. I also have a fondness for her cover of In the Ghetto. The second disc is unreleased stuff. I admit I haven't really dug into the second disc. If you're looking for some soul music that's been neglected Chris Clark is the place to go.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Best of David Bowie

David Bowie - Best of Bowie Not obscure at all. I remember when I was 19 I was completely ignorant of David Bowie. I thought that he was just a celebrity. Then my twin sister bought "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars" and we just absolutely loved it. Since then I've been a fan. It's great that his newest record is doing so well on the Billboard charts. It shows that people care about what a great musician he was. This cd has most of the essential songs. (It doesn't cover Low though one of my favorite albums from him.) There's Space Oddity, Fame, Young Americans, Under Pressure. I didn't know he made Modern Love. I've heard that song my whole life. That was a surprise. Anyhow this was an enjoyable purchase.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tendres Annees 60 Michele Torr

Michèle Torr - Tendres années 60 There was Sheila, France Gall, Francoise Hardy, Stella, Pussycat and many other French female pop singers in the 60's. Michele is lost in shuffle sometimes but she was a fun singer in the 60's. This out of print cd focuses on her pop songs from the 60's. (In the 70's she did disco and I haven't heard it yet, can't judge.) She does a fun cover of Donovan's Monsieur Superman. She also does a cover of Ginny Arnell's I wish I knew what dress to wear, adding a girl group sound to the cd. Also are fun are Dans ma rue and C'est dur d-avoir.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gloria Jones

Gloria Jones - Vixen Gloria Jones’ album Vixen is a solid soul/disco album. Marc Bolan of T Rex was involved with his album. She was his girlfriend at the time. She even covers Get it On. The highlight is Tainted Love which she originally did in the 60’s. Soft Cell would do the famous version in the 80’s. Although I love Soft Cell’s version more I think Gloria’s is pretty cool too. Cry Baby is also catchy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Free Design

The Free Design - Kites Are Fun: The Best of the Free Design I first got introduced to Free Design by Inner Dialogue. I heard people online say they were similar. This is an excellent best of. Although I own other albums of them this is the one I listen to the most. It is happy sunshine pop from the 60's. There are Christian themes found in songs like You could be born again and Bubbles. There are also childlike themes like in Kites are Fun and Kije's Oujia. I wonder why I never heard of them growing up because they are a lot of fun.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fred Neil

Fred Neil - Tear Down the Walls / Bleecker & MacDougal Fred Neil was a folk singer who used to hang out with the likes of Bob Dylan and Karen Dalton. The first album is just ok. He sings with Vince Martin. (I need to check Martin's solo material out.) Tear down the walls is the best song and my late mom liked it which is why I'm partial to it. The second album is better. Fred Neil became a recluse after the music business. The Other Side to this Life is a mysterious song and it's pretty cool. Fred Neil also originally wrote the song "Everyboy's Talkin" which Harry Nilsson did a really good cover of.