Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gloria Jones

Gloria Jones - Vixen Gloria Jones’ album Vixen is a solid soul/disco album. Marc Bolan of T Rex was involved with his album. She was his girlfriend at the time. She even covers Get it On. The highlight is Tainted Love which she originally did in the 60’s. Soft Cell would do the famous version in the 80’s. Although I love Soft Cell’s version more I think Gloria’s is pretty cool too. Cry Baby is also catchy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Free Design

The Free Design - Kites Are Fun: The Best of the Free Design I first got introduced to Free Design by Inner Dialogue. I heard people online say they were similar. This is an excellent best of. Although I own other albums of them this is the one I listen to the most. It is happy sunshine pop from the 60's. There are Christian themes found in songs like You could be born again and Bubbles. There are also childlike themes like in Kites are Fun and Kije's Oujia. I wonder why I never heard of them growing up because they are a lot of fun.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fred Neil

Fred Neil - Tear Down the Walls / Bleecker & MacDougal Fred Neil was a folk singer who used to hang out with the likes of Bob Dylan and Karen Dalton. The first album is just ok. He sings with Vince Martin. (I need to check Martin's solo material out.) Tear down the walls is the best song and my late mom liked it which is why I'm partial to it. The second album is better. Fred Neil became a recluse after the music business. The Other Side to this Life is a mysterious song and it's pretty cool. Fred Neil also originally wrote the song "Everyboy's Talkin" which Harry Nilsson did a really good cover of.