Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bistro Ballads

Audrey Morris - Bistro Ballads I reviewed The Voice of Audrey Morris four years ago. At the time I complained about her album Bistro Ballads not being found at a reasonable price. Now both albums have been combined in a release from Fresh Sound Records. Bistro Ballads is great album of standards. Audrey Morris was a pianist who sounded a bit like Jeri Southern. Her version of Come in Out of the Rain is haunting. When I heard it on youtube before I bought this I was astounded. My favorite version of Guess who I saw today is done by Eydie Gorme but Audrey comes in a close second. This only has piano, bass, and cymbals. It feels like you are in a restaurant.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Elkie Brooks The Early Years

Elkie Brooks - The Early Years 1964-66 This covers Elkie Brooks' teenage years. There's three covers here. However most of the material here is bluesy. My two favorite tracks are Strange Tho' it seems and Blue Tonight. It's interesting to hear Elkie so early in her career. It kind of reminds of Kiki Dee's Fontana Years. They both got better material later and became more distinctive. I hope this gets on cd some time since my record has skips on Hello Stranger and Something's got a hold on me.