Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wild West Dottie West

Dottie West - Wild West I admit Dottie West's traditional country is her best. Yet I like her later country pop period too. It's cheesy and flashy but it's fun. I lost this album and bought it recently again. I remembered most of the songs. "I'm gonna put you back on the rack" is very catchy and my favorite here. I even like the Kenny Rogers' duet "What are we doin' in Love". Dottie West made a ton of albums but barely any of them are available now. I think this one should be available as it one of her better later albums.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wanda Jackson The Very Best of the Country Years

Wanda Jackson - The Very Best of the Country Years Wanda Jackson's best and most remembered material is her rockabilly period. Yet her country music in the 60's was pretty good too. The problem is there were a lot of female country artists at the time like Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn for example. Wanda's country music gets overlooked because of this. Yet it's this period was where she hit the charts more often. There are a lot of good songs like Memory Mountain, Tears will be the chaser for your wine, and This Gun don't care who it shoots. A Girl don't have to drink to have fun is pretty fun. I love this cd so much that I bought the Bear Family box set of her country years. Yet this cd really gets the best out of this period.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Jackie Ross

Jackie Ross - Jerk & Twine: The Complete Chess Recordings I'm a huge Evie Sands fan. All I knew about Jackie Ross was that Chess records stole Take me for a little while from Evie. Evie Sands went through this experience more than once. I wrote off Jackie because of this. (Wikipedia says that Jackie wasn't aware of the duplicity though.) My twin sister got Jackie Ross from the library and I was surprised. I liked it enough to buy it. It includes her Full Bloom album, A and B sides, and unreleased material. My favorite songs are Selfish One and Take me for a little while. It's a different approach. It's more subtle than Evie Sands version. I like both versions. It's just a good song. The back of "Jerk and Twine The complete Chess Recordings" describes Jackie as "honey-voiced". That is an excellent description.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Beverly Kenney

Beverly Kenney - Sings for Playboys I love Beverly Kenney. She's one of my favorite vocalists. She would make one more album after this before her suicide. It's tragic because I imagine that her voice really would have suited the bossa nova craze. I've said that before on the blog but she would have sung The Boy from Ipanema very well. There is one amazing song on this album, "A Woman's Intuition". It's incredibly dreamy. Her voice was really interesting. It was vulnerable but she could swing pretty well. Real Gone Music has been all of her albums together making it inexpensive.