Monday, April 10, 2017

Jackie Ross

Jackie Ross - Jerk & Twine: The Complete Chess Recordings I'm a huge Evie Sands fan. All I knew about Jackie Ross was that Chess records stole Take me for a little while from Evie. Evie Sands went through this experience more than once. I wrote off Jackie because of this. (Wikipedia says that Jackie wasn't aware of the duplicity though.) My twin sister got Jackie Ross from the library and I was surprised. I liked it enough to buy it. It includes her Full Bloom album, A and B sides, and unreleased material. My favorite songs are Selfish One and Take me for a little while. It's a different approach. It's more subtle than Evie Sands version. I like both versions. It's just a good song. The back of "Jerk and Twine The complete Chess Recordings" describes Jackie as "honey-voiced". That is an excellent description.

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