Friday, June 9, 2017

Heaven's Just a Prayer Away Norma Jean

Norma Jean - Heaven's Just a Prayer Away This is one of my favorite Norma Jean albums. It's a gospel one. It has uptempo numbers too like I'm Gonna Walk and Talk With My Lord. My favorite number though is Precious Memories. It has a personal meaning to me. I had been listening to this album a bit years ago then my mother died of breast cancer. Precious Memories stuck with me. So when I was asked to sing a song for my mother's funeral I chose this one. Norma Jean, of course, has a better voice than me but I think I did all right. Years later I also sang it in a voice class at community college. I love the song because it reminds me of my mother. Norma Jean has turned into a footnote in country books. She's the girl singer on The Porter Wagoner Show before Dolly. However, she is much more than that. She is a sincere country singer, traditional, not flashy. There's a digital best of Norma Jean collection on Amazon. I recommend it. This is one of her albums that deserve to be restored.

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