Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Madeline Bell

Madeline Bell - Bell's a Poppin' When I first got into British girl singers of the 60's I thought that this collection was from a Brit. RPM Records is a British label that reissues past music mostly from UK artists. Then I learned that Madeline Bell was an American who went to Britain and made it there. She even sang back up to Dusty Springfield. Anyway, I love this collection. It is mostly from her 1967 album Bell's a Poppin' with some bonus tracks. There are a number of tracks that stick out like Picture me Gone, Beat the Clock, and You don't love me no more, which was featured on the Girl Group Sounds: One Kiss Can Lead to Another boxset. That was one of the best collection of girl group sounds ever put out. Not that many of Madeline Bell's old albums have been reissued. In fact, this collection is regrettably out of print but it is a nice cd of soul mixed with the girl group sound.

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