Saturday, July 8, 2017

Country Hill Parade Goldie Hill

Goldie Hill - Country Hit Parade Goldie Hill was a successful 50's country girl singer. She was a pioneer in that she was the second female to have a hit which was "I let the stars get in my eyes", an answer song. In the 60's she stopped touring which may be the reason why she is forgotten today. She continued to make records in the 60's though. Jasmine Records put out a collection recently where they put two of her 60's albums on cd. This one isn't on cd which is why I'm recommending it. It's mostly covers. It was a common practice in the 50's and 60's for female country singers to sing covers of other country songs on their albums at the time. I like to hear covers sometimes but I'm glad that artists today pretty much sing new material. She co-wrote Say Big Boy though. The songs I like the most are Talk back Trembling Lips and her husband Carl Smith's Hey Joe.

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