Friday, August 25, 2017

Parchment Light up the Fire

Parchment - Light Up the Fire I found out about this album from the Folk is not a Four letter word volume 2 collection. It had the number "Son of God", a haunting religious number which is the best track on this album. This is like Fairport Convention/Pentangle just with a Christian message. This album is pretty likable. I also enjoyed Roundabout and Light up the Fire. This should get on cd or digital.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Peggy Connelly

Peggy Connelly - In the 50's there were a number of vocal artists who only made one or two albums and vanished. Peggy Connelly was one of them and her album with Russ Garcia is awesome. She scats a bit but it's not in an annoying way rather she has fun with it. She does a really neat version of "I got plenty of nuttin'", actually it's my favorite rendition of the song. Apparently, she went on to do two albums with The New Christy Minstrels. (I used to own albums of them but stupidly threw them away.) This is her own solo shining moment though. There are serious moments sometimes but overall this is a pretty delightful album.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Susan Raye One Night Stand

Susan Raye - One Night Stand Susan Raye just has some best of cds on the market so I decided to review an album of hers. This was her first. I didn't care for the title song but the other songs were all right. Susan was Buck Owens' protege in the 70's. They even did some duet albums together. He wrote some of the songs on this album. Susan usually got perky material. Although this album does have some perky songs like an ok cover of Put a little love in your heart what surprised me most about this album was how rural Susan sounds. She kind of sounds like Kay Adams, a Bakersfield artist as well, who recorded in the 60's. Kay was on The Buck Owens show sometimes so this comparison is not too surprising. Susan would make more of a sound for herself as the albums went by but this is a pretty good debut.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lynn Anderson How can I unlove you

Lynn Anderson - How Can I Unlove You This is one of Lynn Anderson's best albums from the 70's. The title song was the hit but Don't say Things you don't mean is just as catchy. I bought a best of recently and expected to find that song on the cd. It wasn't a hit which surprised me. It's pretty catchy. All Day Sucker was written by her mom Liz Anderson and it reminds me of Lynn's Chart material. There's actually a good cover of "You've got a friend" too.