Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dream Babes: Am I dreaming?

Various Artists - Dream Babes, Vol. 1: Am I Dreaming? This collection was done by Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne who has made many excellent compilations. This cd which I bought years ago introduced me to Samantha Jones and Jackie Lee. Years afterward Jackie Lee would get on cd. The Jackie Lee song featured here The Town I live in is an amazing song about the drudge of Suburbia. Patsy Ann Nobles' Sour Grapes and Peanut's I didn't love him anyway are great too. It's too bad that Peanut didn't have a big recording career as I like her voice. Alma Cogan's Snakes and Snails is really fun. I also liked the Lesley Duncan inclusion. She would become an awesome singer-songwriter in the 70's. If you are into the 60's British girl sound this is a good cd to pick up.

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