Saturday, October 7, 2017


Birtha - Birtha / Can't Stop the Madness I discovered a youtube of them the other day. I was shocked. I was surprised that this female rock band had footage. I was so happy. I bought the Birtha cd that had this album and Can't Stop the Madness years ago when it was in print. I recommend both. This one though has their best song Free Spirit. I made a female band mix once for my older sister and she said this song rocked which made me happy. Too Much Woman for a Hen Pecked Man is also catchy. This features Rosemary Lane (aka Rosemary Butler) who was also part of Daisy Chain, whose Straight or Lame I recommended years ago. She was a good singer. If you like Fanny (another cool 70's female band) you might like this.

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