Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Here come the girls

Various Artists - Here Come the Girls, Vol. 1: British Girl Singers of the Sixties This is a good collection of British music done by females in the 60's mostly obscure artists. We get to hear Sandie Shaw's As long as you're happy which she sang when she was 17. I loved Samantha Jones' version of this but it was unfortunately unreleased. Anita Harris' Something must be done is fun and catchy. The song that really got my attention was Dark Shadows and Empty Hallways. It was done by Tammy St. John. I wish that someone would put out a collection of her but I'm afraid that she's not known enough. Anyway the song was haunting. I just watched this crappy old Boris Karloff movie "The Sorcerers" and I heard a person from this cd on in this movie. Antoinette (aka Toni Daly) did a pretty good job in that movie. (She kind of sounds like Lulu.) I was happy to find that I already had a cd that had a selection of hers.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Little Peggy March

Peggy March - I Will Follow Him Peggy March's first album is classic girl group sound. The uptempo numbers are really catchy and make up for the slower ones. I wish I were a princess should have been a hit. Other numbers that I like are Teasin' and Oh Oh I'm falling in love again, along with the hit I will follow him. I actually got to know Peggy March first from her German material. (She moved to Germany when she became popular there.) I didn't know Oh Oh I'm falling in love again was covered first in English as I have heard the German version a number of times. I need to investigate her Japanese material.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Helen Merrill Dream of You

Helen Merrill - Dream of You This is my favorite Helen Merrill album. The word "dream" is used in the title and it definitely implies to the album as the whole thing just has a dreamy atmosphere to it. I was indifferent to Helen Merrill until I heard this album. The song Dream of You has a lovely atmosphere and is just simply gorgeous. The best song on here is Troubled Waters. Wow does she do a good job with this song. It's the best song she recorded and she belts it out meaning every word of the song. This is perfect for night driving which is when I usually listen to jazz. It doesn't work as well during the daytime especially in 110 degree Arizona weather. Gil Evans arranged this album.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Midnight Oil Barbara Mandrell

Barbara Mandrell - The Midnight Oil / Treat Him Right I had heard some negative things about Barbara Mandrell before I decided to take a chance on her earlier work. I bought a best of record for a buck at a thrift store and was surprised when I listened to it how much I liked it. I found out that the album just focused on her first two albums The Midnight Oil and Treat him Right. There's a traditional country sound to these albums with some R & B as well. Some songs like Show Me have both. The best song though is the leading track The Midnight Oil which is an awesome cheating song. Of course, you may say it's country they're all cheating songs, but you can feel her guilt on The Midnight Oil. There's also the truck driving song Tonight my baby's coming home. I have a fondness for truck driving songs, even though this one is about a woman waiting for her man to come home. I think I'm going to give Barbara Mandrell's later stuff a try.