Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Midnight Oil Barbara Mandrell

Barbara Mandrell - The Midnight Oil / Treat Him Right I had heard some negative things about Barbara Mandrell before I decided to take a chance on her earlier work. I bought a best of record for a buck at a thrift store and was surprised when I listened to it how much I liked it. I found out that the album just focused on her first two albums The Midnight Oil and Treat him Right. There's a traditional country sound to these albums with some R & B as well. Some songs like Show Me have both. The best song though is the leading track The Midnight Oil which is an awesome cheating song. Of course, you may say it's country they're all cheating songs, but you can feel her guilt on The Midnight Oil. There's also the truck driving song Tonight my baby's coming home. I have a fondness for truck driving songs, even though this one is about a woman waiting for her man to come home. I think I'm going to give Barbara Mandrell's later stuff a try.

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