Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tony Perkins On a Rainy Afternoon

Anthony Perkins - On a Rainy Afternoon I got this jazz album a couple of years ago out of curiosity and was surprised by how much I liked it. (One person on the internet said that he just wanted to be Chet Baker with his short singing career. But then that's not a bad thing.) Tony Perkins had a nice voice. The best numbers are I remember you and Have you met Miss Jones? Tony Perkins is one of my favorite actors. He was stereotyped as a psycho early on. He was just too good at that role. Actually, he was in a tv musical called Evening Primrose, an early start from Stephen Sondheim. It's worth watching and he sang and acted well in it too.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Mose Allison

Mose Allison - Seven Classic Albums My twin sister got a collection of him at the library when she was a teenager. She's insisted that Mose Allison sang the best version of "Don't get around much anymore." I was curious so I bought this box set. Yes, it's an excellent version, full of wit. The thing that strikes me about Mose Allison's vocal skills is how laid back he sings. He taps into the lyrics but doesn't overdo it like so many jazz artists. I also like his cover of Willie Dixon's Seventh Son. Of course, throughout my life, I've known the famous Johnny Rivers' fun cover of that song. Yet I like Mose's take on it too. "I've got a right to cry" is pretty good too. Mose Allison was a pianist so much of the material is instrumental. I have to admit that's not my thing but I definitely love the songs he sings here.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Dixie Cups

The Dixie Cups - The Complete Red Bird Recordings Growing up I heard "Chapel of Love" on the oldies station way too much. Maybe I liked it once upon a time but I got sick of it. I got this at the library (later purchased it) and realized The Dixie Cups had other things to offer too. Most of their songs were written by Jeff Berry and Ellie Greenwich. ( I love the group The Raindrops they formed.) My favorite track is Iko Iko. The girls co-wrote it. It was a hit as well and it's interesting because it is not the typical girl group number you expect. "People say" is pretty cute. Actually, with Lesley Gore and many other acts in the girl group sound, I've realized that these people had more to them than just a hit. I wish that the radio would feature their other material as well.