Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Dixie Cups

The Dixie Cups - The Complete Red Bird Recordings Growing up I heard "Chapel of Love" on the oldies station way too much. Maybe I liked it once upon a time but I got sick of it. I got this at the library (later purchased it) and realized The Dixie Cups had other things to offer too. Most of their songs were written by Jeff Berry and Ellie Greenwich. ( I love the group The Raindrops they formed.) My favorite track is Iko Iko. The girls co-wrote it. It was a hit as well and it's interesting because it is not the typical girl group number you expect. "People say" is pretty cute. Actually, with Lesley Gore and many other acts in the girl group sound, I've realized that these people had more to them than just a hit. I wish that the radio would feature their other material as well.

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