Friday, February 9, 2018

Valerie Carr

Valerie Carr - Song Stylist Extraordinaire Jasmine Records recently released a 2 for 1 collection of this obscure 50's singer. She has an interesting voice, kind of like a deeper Timi Yuro. I loved her versions of I'm glad there is you, Somewhere over the Rainbow, and They didn't believe me. Two songs of hers made it on the Billboard charts but they aren't included here.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Marion Morgan

Marion Morgan is not as remembered as she ought to be. Along with Helen Forrest and Kitty Kallen, Marion also worked for Harry James. Here she does a stunning job on ballads. There are a few uptempo numbers as well. My favorite is Love and the Weather. The liner notes irritated me. They said that Marion was offered a movie contract but Joan Crawford convinced her to turn it down. Marion Morgan admits it was a mistake. Perhaps her music would be more remembered today otherwise. I'm a fan of big band music. I recently made my older sister a mix, picking popular singers like Peggy Lee and obscure ones like Peg Lacentra. I think she liked it. I love playing jazz when I'm driving in my car at night. There's a quality about it that doesn't work as well during hot Arizona afternoons but is simply magical at nights.