Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wednesday's Child Patty McGovern

Patty McGovern & Thomas Talbert - Wednesday's Child This is a nice obscure jazz vocal album from the 50's. It makes nice night listening music. It's gentle and not too overbearing. Patty's voice kind of reminds me of June Christy or Beverly Kenney. The best song here is the one she wrote "I like Snow". It's charming and fun.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mose Allison

This collection is even better than the seven album collection that I bought. This just focuses on his vocals from 1957-1962. I didn't know that he wrote Parchman Farm. I was introduced to it by Bobbie Gentry's version, which by the way was fantastic. I also like his cover of Eyesight to the Blind. Mose was a jazz singer who relaxed and didn't overdo the vocals. I find it charming. He's one of my favorite male jazz vocalists.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Judy Clay/Marie Knight Scepter and Musicor Recordings

Judy Clay / Marie Knight - The Bluesoul Belles Vol. 4: The Scepter and Musicor Recordings This cd that my sister bought years ago is out of print but pretty awesome. This is good R & B material. Marie Knight is more known for her gospel career so it's worth listening to another side of her. She does both genres well. Judy Clay's You busted my mind is pretty catchy as is Marie Knight's You lie so well. Marie Knight's version of Cry me a River is completely different than Julie London's whispery version. It's loud but fantastic, just different.