Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Feminine Complex

The Feminine Complex - Livin' Love This Tennessee band is rumored to be false, simply someone to fake a 60's band. However, I've read people online who have said they bought their music at the time and saw concerts of them. So who knows? Yet when it comes down to it, The Feminine Complex's music is just good. I've been listening to this for ten years now. My favorite song is Are you lonesome like me? I find it dreamy. There are a number of uptempo song that are good like I won't Run and Run that through your mind. It's a girl group band and I have a fondness for that genre. If you like that genre you should give The Feminine Complex a try.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Yvonne Elliman Night Flgiht

Yvonne Elliman - Night Flight I was introduced to Yvonne Elliman through her number "If I can't have you" in Saturday Night Fever. That was an excellent soundtrack and it is easily her best song, featured on this album as well. This is just a solid album all around. I really like her cover of "Sally 'Go Round the Roses" and "Prince of Fools" is catchy too. This was recently reissued with her album Yvonne on cd. I hope that more get reissued. She's better than just a best of. Also, she was in the movie Jesus Christ Superstar. It's worth a watch.

Monday, April 2, 2018

This is Ethel Ennis

Ethel Ennis - This Is Ethel Ennis My twin sister went to ASU and would request records all the time. The librarians seemed amused by it. This was one of the albums I remember and like. Ethel Ennis is a good singer. She has good pronunciation and a feel for jazz. The Moon was Yellow is easily the best song, an interesting ballad. There is the right mix of uptempo and slow songs. It makes good night time listening. I like her version of Who will buy? Her earlier albums are worth investigating too. I'll review one another day.