Thursday, May 24, 2018

Jacques Dutronc

Jacques Dutronc - Et moi et moi et moi : Jacques Dutronc 1966-1969 Jacques Dutronc has been Francoise Hardy's husband for years so I had to check this out anyway. I really wish I knew French because I've heard that the songs are funny. I liked Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi. However, the song I really like is the last one Le Responsable. It's pretty catchy. I'm not really into male French singers but this was pretty cool.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Jill Corey

I was introduced to Jill Corey on a compilation record called Pop Hit Party. I also found out about another good singer Jennie Smith that way. Jill Corey was a perky singer from the 50's. I used to own her only album Sometimes I'm Happy...Sometimes I'm Blue before I purchased the cd. One side was happy and one side was blue. She's better on happy but she does all right with the sad stuff too. My favorite song is Ain't we got Fun. I also recommend the Jasmine release Love me to Pieces - The Complete Singles. It has a lot of novelty stuff but it's cute. My favorite number is Big Daddy. If you want to listen to standards go with the album. If you want 50's pop I suggest the Jasmine Records cd. They're both good.

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Pixies Three

The Pixies Three - Our History This is an example of a girl group that should have been bigger. Their songs are catchy and perky. They're actually pretty fun, nothing existential here. The cd includes their whole party album, "Party with the Pixies Three". The best songs are Birthday Party, Gee, 442 Glenwood Avenue, Cold, Cold Winter, and Summertime USA. I discovered them on the excellent girl group collection Growin' up too Fast. I wanted more.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Cameo Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield - Cameo This is one of the most neglected albums of Dusty's catalog but I like it. It could possibly be because of the horrible cover art. This is a solid soulful album. My favorite songs are the sexy Mama's Little Girl and The Other side of Life. My interpretation of that song is that she's telling her friend or lover that they are missing out by always wanting more of life, that they should enjoy the moment. I also like Breakin' up a happy home and Who gets your love.